Big Basin  Partners LP

Cisco’s Product Development Process circa 1993

Teams that want to change the world

Disruptive ideas

Technology that matters

Large Markets

Commitment to Win

Execution is everything

Frugality counts

Early Stage Investments

Big Basin Partners is an early stage technology investment partnership.  We specialize in working with entrepreneurs that have yet to raise traditional venture capital funds and might not even have a business plan.  We help narrow the potential target markets to the few that will matter in the beginning stages of growing a great company. 


We have helped, advised and been early board members of companies that have grown into very successful enterprises.  After leading Cisco Systems product development organization during its hyper-growth phase in the early 90’s, we have spent the last 20 years specialized in areas that match our background and interests:   Network and Security, Internet Software, Services and Management companies.

Revised Nov 2018